Classical Music Compositions

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This piece is quite autobiographical, it reflects my time as a young music student at the Royal Northern College of Music. The North of England is famed for its Brass Band Music and the college attracted many of the great players from this tradition.

At night I was listening to Miles Davis and Gil Evans, by day I would wander the corridors, hearing the brass ensembles practise the renaissance repertoire. The Chorale has a dream-like conflation of these two worlds.

North Brass Quintet

2nd movt.Score.pdf

2nd movt.Chorale.mp3 (Tpt1, Tpt2, Fr Horn, Trb, Tuba.)


This piece is about the 3,000 year old spa in Bath, UK.

Sulis was the local goddess of the thermal springs that still feed the spa baths at Bath, which the Romans called Aquae Sulis

Sulis.mp3 (Flute, Clarinet, Harp, String Quartet.)

Sulis.pdf (Score of Sulis in pdf format)

Flute Sonata

The Chorinho is an instrumental popular music genre which originated in 19th century Rio de Janeiro. This piece combines the jaunty rhythms of the chorinho with some of the harmonic innovations of modern jazz.

Chorinho pra M.M.mp3 (Flute and Piano)

Chorinho pra M.M.Score.pdf

All published by BRS Music

The amazing Gareth Lockrane played flute in the Sonata.

The performances of Sulis and North were achieved by software and samples, programmed, edited and realised by Joe.