Mock Ups

Mock Ups

Mock Ups are a technique where you use software instruments to try and persuade the audience, that it is “real” musicians playing. This technique is much used in Movies and TV. Typically Mock Ups are combined with a few live musicians to add some realistic variety to the sound.

I have used this skill sometimes in making backing tracks for Guest Entertainers on Cruise Ships.

Mock Ups

Elgar Cello Concerto

Using the Garritan Gofriller Solo Cello and Garritan Personal Orchestra,( with VSL and SAM solo horns).
I was a beta-tester on the Gofriller Solo Cello, and did this mock up to see how far the software could be pushed.

Barber Violin Concerto

Using the Garritan Solo Stradivari and Garritan Personal Orchestra,( with VSL and SAM solo horns)

A mock up of the opening of this wonderful concerto, clearly a software instrument can never replace a live soloist in a concerto. It remains a useful tool for composers to demonstrate their score.

Go Down Moses

Using the Garritan Jazz and Big Band Library.

I entered this piece into an online competition to to write something suitable for July 4th . I chose a Negro Spiritual and arranged it in a Gil Evans/Miles Davis style. Luckily for me…….. I won.

Climate of Fear

Movie cue using GPO, VSL and SAM solo Horns