Sirius B




Sirius B were a Brazilian Jazz band I led along with Azhaar Saffar. The band lasted about 10 years and in that time we released 7 albums and had many tracks included on compilation albums.

HIghlights of the bands history include:

  • Playing Monteux Jazz Festival in 2003
  • Our 3rd album Ouro Batido going in at No1 in the Japanese HMV chart for world music.
  • Our 2nd album Posto Nove was voted one of jazz FM’s top 10 favourites of 2001.



Sirius B Live

The band were lucky to collaborate with so many great UK Jazz soloists, including: Gareth Lockrane, Iain Ballamy, Mike Mower, Kevin Figes, Andy Hague, and Snowboy.

And also so lucky to have such a wonderful Rhythm Section: Paul Downes Greg Cordez and Felix Gibbons


Here is a selection from some of our albums.

 Sirius B Sem_Fonteiras

From Sem Fronteiras The Sirens Song.

Posto Nove

From Posto Nove    Something New


From Ouro Batido       O Limao


From Bagunca       Tres Marias


From Casa do Sol  Things She Said Today

After 5 albums, our Labels released a best of compilation.

From The Very Best of Sirius B here is Samba Selvagem


In our time together we made one video. It was for the release of our 3rd Album, a 60’s inspired piece called High ‘n’ Dry. We tried pitching it to New Line Cinema for their upcoming Austin Powers release, but alas, no dice.